Our products are produced in a quality factory in singapore, where all aspects of the products is monitored and traceable.

In addition, we have our own laboratory and are constantly improving our products and tailor-made for individual applications. J-ECO gel is for surface treatment and j-eco liquid are for internal applications, non hazardous emissions and it is not explosive non-flammable, and very gentle and minimal. Both are water based on the same formula; one as a liquid version and the other as a gel version. Both are water based and formulated with citric acid, organic acid, phosphoric acid, and various natural inhibitors. In appearance it is a fluid (concentrate) that can be mixed easily with water without any odours risk for injuries.


It has a neutral ph 1.4 will remove a wide range of surface contaminants or corrosion.

They are very effective and efficient for process cleaning and pacification of stainless steel, the removal of oxidation (rust), lime scale (calcium), magnetite, humus, barnacles (mussel), urine salt, salts, marine growth other organic deposits and contaminants. Our products are environmentally eco friendly “green” products *100% biodegradable, natural and contain no toxins. It is 100% safe to use in drinking water systems and cleaning fresh water tanks on-and offshore! They are biodegradable, completely free of toxic substances, which means they can be flushed and released directly into the sea, drain and ground. Being treated as special waste or disposal of the product is not necessary.

We are experts in :

Corrosion Remover

On all types of surfaces and in piping systems

Using Gel on 2x Refurbish Mud Pit Modules in Singapore yard (2019)

NO DAMAGE effect on Cable glands and Cables!

  • J-Eco products works very well on Super Duplex, Duplex and Stainless Steel as an alternative to Acid Washing
  • J-Eco products can be used on most known paint systems without attacking the paint.The paint does not reduce their characteristics

NO DAMAGE effect on Cable glands and Cables!

J-ECO products can be used on most known paint systems without attacking the paint.
The paint does not reduce their characteristics.

Versatile (can be used with different cleaning system, spray wash and immersion on different metals and components).



J Steel Solutions provides DESTEC On-site Services

  • Bolt Tensioning
  • Inspection Services
  • On-Line Leak Sealing
  • On- Site Machining
  • Regenerator Vessel Head Removal
  • Special Purpose Machine Tools

More detailed , please visit https://www.destec.co.uk/