CITRA-PREP Degreaser - CP250, 300gm Aerosol

Item Code : CP250\PP-0300

Lantos CITRA-PREP CP250 is a natural full strength degreaser is an organic water emulsifiable degreaser and cleaner derived from renewable resources.

It contains a proprietary surfactant blend specially formulated to replace chlorinated and paraffin-based solvents for the cleaning and removal of heavy oils and greasy surfaces. When activated by mixing with water, the product forms nano-sized cleaning particles called micelles. These micelles act immediately to penetrate oils and grease. Each molecule of oil is broken down separately and then held in suspension as it is rinsed off the surface being cleaned

It is a quick break degreaser, will separate out oils from water for ease of collection and recovery of oils. It does not leave a surface film and is streak-free cleaning.

Ideally, for use in the removal of bitumen cleaning of tank farms, cargo tanks, decks of vessels, drilling rigs, airport runways, hangars, roadways, service bays, and other soiled surfaces.....